Good Mood, Line 29, Kindness and Place des Vosges

It is amazing how a predisposition of good will and light mood is followed (mirrored?) by happy situations.
Having met people after the mass, to whom I have given my wishes and they gave me theirs, I took the bus, walked to the wrong direction (it happens from time to time), I found one correct bus stop and waited there.
A fine elder lady came by and we started talking about the waiting (or not) of the bus drivers for those running the last metres away from the bus stop.
One word after another, we verbally explored the current, opposite to the past, behaviour and attitude of the people in general, the cleanness (or not) of the city and the general perspective of the people vs. life.
We agreed that young people “want it all and they want it now” in contrary to past years, when we were happy when attained, gained or obtained a simple thing.
The lady had lived during the war and had lost members of her family but she is not supposed to talk about it, she told me.
The bus arrived just in time to interrupt our conversation, to my disappointment.

The same bus, line 29, which has brought me in the past at an excellent place, Place des Vosges.
There, you can find one of the homes of Victor Hugo, Musee Carnavalet, the museum dedicated to the history of Paris and which will remain closed until the end of 2019 for renovation works.

Therefore, my good mood, the kind lady and the passing by  Place des Vosges is the subject.
All you have to do is to enjoy the rather amateur, at that time, photos.



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