American Elections in Paris

The American elections are of importance not only for US citizens but for the millions of people in most of the countries and states which are affected directly or indirectly by american politics, in the exterior as in the interior.

This next election is probably of greater importance as a clown, an arrogant silly person claims presidency.
Of course, it is historically known that “sane and serious” American presidents have destroyed countries, have played a role in thousands of deaths, have bombed, have declared wars and have decided for the (bad) fate of millions of people around the globe – throughout decades.

Paris, among the tens of ethnicities, hosts many US citizens as well, students, working people etc.
It’s not peculiar that an, informal I suppose, team, outside the famous bookstore Shakespeare And Company, called US citizens to register to Vote.
I don’t know how it works with registration and so. US citizens would.

Millions of Americans who live abroad do not vote – not that US citizens are very keen voters in general.
According to an Avaaz campaign,only 12% of Americans living abroad, vote. That makes eight million people whose vote could defeat Trump and offer a gift to humanity.
 That the victory would be for a candidate who decided bombings and wars and is implicated to other scandals, according to the leaked emails (Wikileaks – Hillary Clinton and DNC), is an American phenomenon.
An election which ignores other voices and candidates except the (similar) two and with the mentality of…the lesser evil.

One way or another, not only Parisians or Americans but also Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians, who live in Paris, would want to watch the presidential night on TV.
Exactly that broad interest will be “covered” on Tuesday 8 November night and until the morning (in Paris).
 American Embassy and the Mayoralty of 3rd department of Paris, organise an overnight event, at Carreau du Temple (info here), a cultural space at the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Find the press file of the event here.

As for me, I am very interested in the elections and I find it a good idea to take part to the event.
Anyone who lives in Paris and is also interested, may contact.


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