Bataclan One Year After

As of today 13th November 2016, one year has passed from the deadly attack at concert hall Bataclan at 11th arrondissement.
France and Paris in particular remember their victims who “happened” to be at the place where the hate, the madness and the bigotry of the assassins spread bullets and death that night.
Many people gathered today in front of Bataclan – early in the morning, relatives and friends of the 90 dead and the survivors.
President Francois Hollande was there and when his car passed in front of the waiting crowd, his window was open – as an indication of non-fear maybe?

Commemorative plaques have been exposed to honor the victims.

Last night, the club opened again for the first time after the massacre, for a concert of Sting, dedicated to the memory of those gone and to the life of all those who will remember.
According to reporting (LA Times):”In reopening the Bataclan, we have two important tasks to reconcile,” Sting said.
“First, to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the attack a year ago, and second to celebrate the life and the music that this historic theater represents. In doing so we hope to respect the memory as well as the life-affirming spirit of those who fell. We shall not forget them.”

That seemed to be the message of the hundreds of people who gathered today outside the club: “To remember, to renounce fear and hate, to live.”
Everyday lives of wounded at that night is difficult. Some bear the signs of wounds and all of them are wounded in their souls, as they have not only suffered the terror but they also have seen people die in front of their eyes.
According to French tv reporting, they are under psychological support and a number of them has decided to completely change their way of thinking and living.

The crowd outside Bataclan was silent in a sad way.
They all approached without talking when the road opened after the end of the ceremony.
Many to leave their flowers, others to take pictures and all of us to be at the place, to reflect and to send our thoughts to the victims.
And somewhere at the corner of Boulevard Voltaire and Passage Saint-Pierre Amelot, a guitarist was singing his mournful song, looking up at the covered windows from where many people have jumped to save their lives during the attack.
The lyrics and his expressed pain caused tears.

Sorry to mention that the tears are far “less” for all the victims of the unreasonable wars and violence all over the world.

Photos: EliP©


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