Super Full Moon’s Night in Paris


The night of 14th November 2016 has been marked all around the world by the super fool-moon phenomenon.
What is better for a Paris lover than to see and eventually photograph that spectacle?
Hmmm…. Last night, I took the bus to Eiffel Tower, to be near to the two miraculous subjects.
While Eiffel Tower can be seen from almost everywhere in Paris, furthermore at night when it is illuminated and is shining, the fool moon is anything but omnipresent if the sky is cloudy.
So, when the thick clouds do not allow the moon to “shine” – not even to appear, a solution has to be found in order to justify the waiting and the searching of the right point.
That is to photograph other night beauties in Paris.
After adjusting the camera, with poor success at first, I tried many times to capture the best views my eyes met.
It is known that the night and the photograph are not always compatible especially for amateurs, but after experimenting for a while I believe I have managed to reap fruits.
The harvest has been poor in quantity but hopefully it shows the magnificent ambience of Paris at night. 
Enjoy Seine waters, a couple of its bridges, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and, above all, Parisian night!


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