Parisian Night Lights

The clock of Musee d’Orsay

As it has become obvious at the previous post, at night Paris reveals another aspect and view of its beauty, which under the dark and the night lights, and with a dose of fantasy, resembles to mystery.

That, could be one of the reasons (besides commercial ones) why Mairie de Paris (the town hall), organises La Nuit Blanche (The White Night) the 1st of October.
It’s an overnight event dedicated, at least in theory, to modern art. The whole truth is that it is also an opportunity for residents and visitors of the city to stay out all night, to drink, mix and mingle and to live ‘Paris by night’ literally. Some of this post’s photos have been taken during Nuit Blanche 2016.

Paris seems open and transparent and the next moment appears mysterious and impossible to explore in full.
When you think that you have become familiar to, at least, its general properties, you will find yourself feeling “green”- too inexperienced for such an old town, culture, history, architecture, mentality or way of living.
It may need a cool approach, contrary to the passionate mood with which we dream it, visit it or live it. But then again, Paris without passion?!
Not being sure yet, I experiment myself while I don’t allow to the reappering feeling of the … beginner to discourage my exploring – quite the opposite.

Essence of Paris, at night, under moon and its lights, it is!

Photos: EliP©


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