The beauty of cold Paris

Minus 4 and even -8 degrees Celsius is a bad deal for everyone and especially for people like me who have grown up and lived in soft mediterranean climates.
Climate Change has turned weather as we have known it upside-down but still local climates remain dinstincive and different.
Nevertheless, during the wave of cold which strikes Paris these days, it is obvious that low temperature is an abnormal condition for all  living creatures.
Both native French or those long living in Paris, as well as us, the newcomers, seem to suffer the same – I can’t say for northerns as for example …scandinavians.

After having gained a bit of experience, I assume that their advantage is that they know how to deal with the cold, i.e. to protect themselves -as a rule though not always.
On the other hand, nature as appears in green spaces, streets or parcs of the city, continues its eternal cycle offering its marvel and beauty, conforting and warming the eyes and the heart of the observant walker.
Though cold itself cannot be pictured, except through snow usualy or people wearing heavy, unconfortable and kind of funny clothes, the colours and the light change in an undeniable way.
Winter has its own palette of colours and of light which are attractive even for summer lovers like I am.

Furthermore, the sun of Paris shines in a unique way, in winter behind fog and clouds or as a gift during “extreme” cold, as much as in summer – and that’s said by someone who adores the … relentless sun of the south but at the same time is rarely exposed to it.

Winter sun, sky, trees, clouds, moon and nature it is!


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